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Wait and see
Wait hand and foot on
Walk on air
Walls have ears
Warts and all
Was it something I said?
Wash your dirty linen in public
Wash your hands of
Waste not, want not
Watched pot never boils
Water under the bridge
We buy good, clean equipment
We can do that
We can't keep the lid on this a minute longer!
We defy comparison
We do it right
We have what it takes to get the job done
We know our business
We make it easy!
We pay attention to detail
We sell the world!
We service what we sell
We wuz robbed
We'll let you know...
We'll see
We'll show you the ropes
We're here for the long haul
We're just good friends
We're ready, willing and able
We're the talk of the town
We've got it all!
We've got some real news for you!
Weather the storm
Wedded bliss
Welcome aboard
Welcome with open arms
What a difference
What are you going to do when you grow up
What goes around comes around
What goes up must come down
What you see is what you get
What's the damage?
What's your poison
Whatever turns you on
Wheel and deal
When all is said and done
When I was your age
When in Rome...
When one door closes another opens
When the cat's away the mice will play
When the going gets tough, the tough get going
When you advertise with us, we get the job done for you
When you gotta go, you gotta go
When you make your own moves, it pays to come to us
When your ships comes in
Where affectability and quality meet
Where have you been all my life?
Where service counts
Whet their appetite
Whiter than white
Whole ball of wax
Whole nine yards
Whys and wherefores
Wild horses wouldn't drag me away
Win hands down
Wish you were here
With bated breath
With bells on...
With flying colors
Without more ado
Wolf in sheep's clothing
Wondering about your future?
Wonders will never cease!
Word to the wise
Working late at the office
Working your fingers to the bone
Worst comes to worst
Would you believe it?
Writing is on the wall, The
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