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Safe and sound
Sales levels got your goat? Advertise where your buyers trust the terrain
Salt of the earth
Satisfaction guaranteed
Save a bundle
Save something for a rainy day
Saved by the bell
Savor the flavor
Say yes to auctions
Scare them silly
Search me
Second to none
Secret of success
See eye to eye
See the light!
See with your own eyes
Selling like hotcakes
Set their hearts afire
Seventh heaven
Shadow of one's former self
Shake a leg
Shake their money-maker
Shape of things to come, The
Share and share alike
Shed light on
Ships that pass in the night
Shoot oneself in the foot
Shoot to score
Short and sweet
Show must go on, The
Sight for sore eyes
Sign of the times
Signed, sealed and delivered
Silent majority
Sit back and wait
Sit up and take notice
Six of one and half a dozen of the other
Sixty four thousand dollar question
Skeleton in the closet
Slave over a hot stove
Slowly but surely
Smart buy
Smart move
So far so good
So near and yet so far
Some other time
Something to smile about
Sometimes you don't find elegance until you rough it
Sour grapes
Sow your wild oats
Speak of the devil
Speak the same language
Spick and span
Spill the beans
Square peg in a round hole
Stalking a great deal?
Stand up and be counted
Start the ball rolling
Steer your own course
Stem the tide
Straight and narrow
Straight from the shoulder
Strike a responsive chord
Strike while the iron is hot
Survival of the fittest
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