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Race against time
Rags to riches
Rain or shine
Raining cats and dogs
Ram your sales budget home!
Raring to go
Rat race, The
Rattle their cage
Razzle dazzle
Read my lips
Readin', 'ritin','rithmetic
Ready for the fray
Ready when you are
Reasons why
Red carpet treatment
Red letter day
Red tape
Reflections of the season
Reinvent the wheel
Reliable source
Remember the Alamo
Remember when
Rest is history, The
Ride off into the sunset
Ride your dreams!
Right as rain
Ring a bell
Ring true
Risk life and limb
Road to ruin
Rock the boat
Rolling stone gathers no moss
Rome wasn't built in a day
Rose by any other name
Rule the roost
Rule with an iron hand
Rules are made to be broken
Rumor has it
Run around like a chicken with its head cut off
Run for your life
Run it up the flagpole
Run ragged
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