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Paddle your own canoe
Paint the town red
Par for the course
Pass off to the pros (football)
Pass the buck
Patience of Job
Patter of tiny feet
Pave the way
Pay lip service
Pay through the nose
Pecking order
Penny for your thoughts
Perfect match
Picture is worth a thousand words
Picture of health
Pie in the sky
Piece of cake
Pig in a poke
Pin your hopes on
Pique their interest
Plan for success
Play ball
Play for keeps
Play it cool
Play to win
Play with fire
Play your cards right
Pleased as punch
Plot thickens, The
Point of no return
Pop the question
Pound of flesh
Powder one's nose
Powers that be, The
Practice makes perfect
Pride and joy
Prime mover
Prime of life
Proof of the pudding
Protect your interests
Public enemy number one
Publicize your event
Pull out all the stops
Pull someone's leg
Pull strings
Pull the wool over someone's eyes
Pull yourself together
Put on your thinking cap
Put someone's nose out of joint
Put the cart before the horse
Put two and two together
Put up or shut up
Put us to work for you today!
Put us to work for you!
Put your best foot forward
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