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Odds and ends
Of the first magnitude
Off the beaten path
Off the beaten track
Oil and water 
Old as the hills
Old coot
Old enough to be her father
Old enough to know better
Old hat
On the ball
On the QT
On the spur of the moment
On the tip of your tongue
On the wagon
On the warpath
On your last legs
Once and for all
Once bitten, twice shy
Once in a blue moon
One foot in the grave
One for the road
One good turn deserves another
One in a million
One of these days
One of those things
One piece at a time
One that got away, The
Only time will tell
Only too pleased
Open a can of worms
Open sesame
Open the door to new accounts
Open the door to success
Open the floodgates
Our clients speak louder than words
Our customers are number one with us!
Our secret of success
Our specialty is quality
Out of the blue
Out of the mouths of babes
Out of this world
Out on a limb
Over a barrel
Over and done with
Over and out
Over my dead body
Over the top
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