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Name names
Name of the game, The
Name your poison
Name's mud
Nearest and dearest
Necessity is the mother of invention
Neck and neck
Neck of the woods
Need it? Want it? Get it!
Need like a hole in the head
Needle in a haystack
Needless to say
Needs no introduction
Neither here nor there
Never the twain shall meet
New broom
New lease of life
Nip in the bud
Nitty gritty
No accounting for tastes
No can do
No expense spared
No laughing matter
No news is good news
No problem
No problem too big, no question too small
No rest for the wicked
No risk
No skin off my nose
No spring chicken
No sweat
Nobody beats our prices
Nose out of joint
Nose to the grindstone
Not fit to hold a candle to
Not for all the tea in China
Not have a leg to stand on
Not just a pretty face
Not to be sneezed at
Not to know whether to laugh or cry
Nothing to write home about
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
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