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Hale and hearty
Half a loaf is better than none
Half the battle
Ham it up
Hand over fist
Handle with kid gloves
Hands are tied, My
Handwriting is on the wall, The
Hanging in the balance
Happily ever after
Happy couple, The
Happy event, The
Happy hunting ground
Hard act to follow
Hard and fast rule
Has the cat got your tongue?
Have a bone to pick
Have a cross to bear
Have a finger in every pie
Have a nice day
Have gun will travel
Have I got news for you!
Have one's hands full
Have someone over a barrel
Have something up one's sleeve
Have what it takes
Have you heard the latest?
Have ___ will travel
Head and shoulders above
Head over heels
Heads will roll
Heart in mouth, With
Heart is in the right place
Heart to heart
Here we go!
Here's a hot tip!
Here's the cat's meow!
High and dry
His bark is worse than his bite
Hit it off
Hit or miss
Hit the nail on the head
Hit their funny bone
Hold one's own
Hold the fort
Hold your horses
Home is where the heart is
Home James!
Honest truth, The
Hope against hope
How long did it take you did get here?
How time flies
How to win friends and influence people
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