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Face the facts
Face the music
Fact of the matter
Fair and square
Fair game
Fair-weather friend
Fall by the wayside
Fall on deaf ears
Far and away
Far and wide
Far be it from me
Far cry, A
Far from the madding crowd
Fast and furious
Fast lane, The
Fat chance
Fate is sealed
Fate worse than death
Feather in one's cap
Feather your nest
Feel it in one's bones
Feel one's age
Feel sharp
Feet of clay, Have
Few and far between
Field day
Fight tooth and nail
Fighting chance
Figment of one's imagination
Fill the bill
Fine tooth comb
Finger in every pie
Finishing touches
Fire away!
Firing on all cylinders
First and foremost
First come, first served
First things first
Fish out of water, A
Fit as a fiddle
Fit for a king
Flash in the pan, A
Flat as a pancake
Flattery will get you nowhere
Flavor of the month
Flesh and blood
Flog a dead horse
Fly in the ointment, The
Fly off the handle
Follow in the footsteps of...
Follow suit
Follow that car
Food for thought
Fools rush in
Footloose and fancy free
For all intents and purposes
For better or worse
For dear life
Foregone conclusion
Forty winks
From the cradle to the grave
From the sublime to the ridiculous
From the word go
From time immemorial
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