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Call a spade a spade
Call it a day
Call me old-fashioned
Call the authorities
Calling all bidders
Calm before the storm
Can of worms
Can we get you anything?
Can't believe your eyes?
Cat got your tongue?
Catch 22
Catch one's death
Caught napping
Caught red-handed
Caught with his trousers down
Chain reaction
Chalk it up to experience
Change of scenery
Chart a bold course
Cheap at twice the price
Check us first for ___
Children of all ages
Chip off the old block
Chomping at the bit
Circumstances beyond our control
Clear as a bell
Clear the air
Clear the decks
Close but no cigar
Close shave
Cloud nine
Coast is clear, The
Come full circle
Come home to roost
Come out of the closet
Come up and see my etchings
Commanding lead
Complete solutions
Conspicuous by his absence
Convenience and confidence
Cool as a cucumber
Cool, calm and collected
Costs an arm and a leg
Count on fast response
Cover a multitude of sins
Crazy like a fox
Cross that bridge when we come to it
Cry all the way to the bank
Cry over spilled milk
Cry wolf
Cut a long story short
Cut and dried
Cut both ways
Cut the mustard
Cut through the red tape
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