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A big value
A change for the better
A different ballgame
A port in the storm
Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Accident waiting to happen
Accidents will happen
Achilles' heel
Acid test
Across the board
Act together
Actions speak louder than words
Add fuel to the fire
Add fuel to the flames
Add insult to injury
Address the bottom line
After due consideration
After one's own heart
Against the grain
Alive and kicking
All and sundry
All chiefs and no Indians
All Greek to me
All in a day's work
All part of the service
All present and accounted for
All present and correct
All systems go!
All things considered
All things to all men
All time low
All's well that ends well
Always a large selection
Always look your best
America's leader in____
An all time high
An apple a day keeps the doctor away
An axe to grind
And that's that!
Anything that can go wrong will go wrong
Apple of one's eye
Are you being led down the garden path?
Armed to the teeth
Arouse their curiosity
As a matter of fact
As well as can be expected
As you wish
Ask me another
Asking for it
At death's door
At long last
At loose ends
At the end of the day....
At this moment in time
At your earliest convenience
At your service
Avoid like the plague
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